User Experience Lifecycle

What comes to mind when thinking of your favorite restaurants? I think of a maitre d’ and well dressed staff; ambient live jazz as the wine is poured into the glass; subtle lighting and tantalizing aromas and the blend of laughter with great conversation. Many would agree these aspects form a great dining experience. Of course, this experience does not happen by accident, it’s the combination of staff training, culinary expertise, musical selection, lighting and everything in between. Great detail and consideration is made for each step of the experience.

Now, relate the dining experience to the user experience across your brand’s digital touchpoints. How would potential and existing clients rate the user experience (UX) on your website, app or kiosk? To improve user experience we have to understand how it starts, where it ends and what happens between.

When building digital strategies for our clients we employ our UX Lifecycle Process which follows the user through nine steps from inception to fulfillment examining decision points, triggers and other factors that create a positive user experience. When working through this process we pose tough questions and unearth unique insights that drive innovation and improvement for your brand’s user experience. Click on the image below to download the UX Lifecycle PDF or contact us.