Interactive Trade Show Solutions

We provide advanced interactive trade show solutions to maximize your event experience and impact. You’ll find a universe of creative options from 3d visualizations and custom interactive to large format touchscreens and stereoscopic 3d. Our solutions cover everything from concept and creative to technology and testing. Contact us to learn more and discuss your trade show ideas.

  • 3D animation & video production
  • Interactive 3d visualizations
  • Large-format touchscreens & signage

Tradeshow Projects

Computex Video Animation

Powerful 3d animation to support an important presentation at Computex.
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Interactive Dolphin Exhibit

An interactive signage exhibit for The Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
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Bank of America

Touchscreen application to empower the BofAML sales team at tradeshows.
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Horton WindShift App

Sales enablement app to showcase and configure their fans.
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Touchscreen Video Reel

Quick video reel of our touchscreen app design and development.
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